How to unban myself

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    Have you been banned?

    If so, then you should read this quite mindfully. This is your Lead Sheet, to your unban.

    At first, navigate to our top header bar.


    In the following step click on Apply / Support, or just here.

    There, you will be able to see a button saying "New Ticket".


    Now go ahead creating the ticket you need for your purpose.

    You have following options to choose from: Minecraft, TeamSpeak and Discord unban appeal, a general support tab to ask questions and the opportunity to apply to us.


    The following requirements must be met in order to submit a request for unbanning:

    1. If your ban has a minimum duration of 14 days.
    2. If your mute has a minimum duration of 7 days.
    3. If your last request for unbanning was more than 3 weeks ago.
    4. If your request for unbanning was denied more than 6 weeks ago.
    5. If you have not been punished too often in the past for the same or similar reason.

    All requests for unbanning will be handled exclusively by the administration and management of this section.

    The processing of a request may take up to 3 days. Therefore, we always ask for patience.

    Now, just fill out the template, and give us a reason why we should unban you,
    using the box titled "Message".

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